Sunday, March 10, 2013

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Greetings! After weeks of living a strange blend of overly busy with events and life under a rock turning in applications for nursing programs I have finally had a chance to breath and blog a little..just a little. As of late my Instagram and twitter have become my main media platforms for the day to day events of life as well as big events happening too (yes..I have become one of those people). 
There is a small corner of my heart that has always been reserved for all printed, colored, off shaped pants, and with the influx of all these trends for winter and spring my closet is now overflowing in all bottoms non-denim related. 
While on hiatus, I celebrated one of the greatest holidays: Chinese New Years! Of course this holiday was accompanied with quality family time, too much good food to handle, lots of dessert making (see berry crisp & homemade apple pie above), and blessings of hong bao.
who runs the world? GIRLS.
The weekend after Valentine's Day, the men of my campus fellowship surprised the ladies with an appreciation dinner that left me touched, blessed, and beyond thankful.
Through all of these events, minor and major, I continue to see God's hand moving. Amongst all the stress that has been linked to considering my future recently (program applications, future mission trips, change of major, etc.) it is humbling to have learned patience and a true peace from God that everything will work according to his plan. I just need to have faith and pray. The biggest thing I have learned is the importance of being a true person of prayer and the immense advantage there is to truly giving all of your worries and burdens up to the Lord. James 1: 2-8 

lots of lovee

p.s. im fasting youtube at the moment, but I very highly recommend the band Monsters Calling Home for smooth Mumford-Of Monsters-like jams.

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  1. when i get home, you owe me 1.5 years worth of baked goods.


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