Friday, February 25, 2011

inspiration addiction

as previously posted my recent addiction has been following different fashion blogs and getting ideas for my own wardrobe as well as just inspiring trends. here are a few of my favorites...

margaret zhang of shine by three, karla of karla's closet, the quirky beth jones, and inspiration from one of the many japan based street style blogs that i follow.

i wish i were...

a painter. a food critic. a fashion blogger. a teacher. a world traveler.

there are so many things that i want to be and sometimes i take small cracks at them in my own small ways that are usually never seen by others because of embarrassment, but since this is my own safe space i will finally show some.

as per my new addiction to fashion blogs and style i have attempted to document my own outfits from time to time...

obviously failed attempts as my camera and the space are not conducive to any artsyfartsy-ness.

but i can wish i were...



similar to clogs in fashion today blogging has become a fad. THIS blog is a fad.

it is not the wanting to share one's thoughts that has everyone going but the faact that these thoughts are now available to more people through this vast network.

so, like the bandwagon member that i have become this blog will be an outlet for my thoughts, feelings, inspirations, and expressions on all things that come through my life.

a hodgepodge.