Saturday, July 12, 2014

new things & old things

Hello out there? Yes. I forgot this blogged existed for a while. When this blog was birthed the intentions were mixed and cloudy but as it has grown these past few years I liken it to a horribly public window into my life and thinking. While it would be nice to say that I'm not ashamed of my first few posts (what was I thinking? immature narcissist), the optimistic portion of me considers those early posts merely a jumping off point to where I hope that this blog will continue to go. I want this blog to evolve as I also continue to grow through life- going places, trying new things, and learning from mistakes. Go ahead and stick around for the random update every few eons and laugh at/with me while I try with every ounce of my being to formulate my scattered thoughts into words.

Now for a life update: the real reason for my absence (other than sheer laziness) is that God flipped my life upside down not too long ago with a fulfillment of my, and many of your, prayers. I was accepted to Azusa Pacific University's 2+2 Nursing Program! The program began in May and these have been the most incredible, stressful and challenging 3 months of my life. God is so good. A great number of things have happened, so if you come up to me and ask "how's nursing school?" please don't be offended or surprised if the experience is difficult to express, because my mind is constantly in the midst of processing what exactly is happening to me. Know that I am so thankful for everyone's support, love and prayers to the point where there are no words for me to express that gratitude.

Some new things in my life (besides the giantwhalethatisnursingschool):
-God has blessed me with the most amazing group of friends in this program. We spend virtually every moment of every day together and there is never a dull moment
I can't take normal photos...or stop eating fries. Sorry guys.

-Recently I started reading an excellent book that my friend sent me for my birthday called, Power in Prayer by Andrew Murray. It is amazing the depth and beauty of prayer! Looking back on these past few years I have seen the power and comfort of prayer, but this book opens up different views on a person's view of prayer and challenges greater understanding in order to have a greater heart in God. 

-Weddings. This year is a huge one for my family and I am overjoyed to be adding another sister and brother to the Lue clan. 

-Learning to breathe in nursing school. Yes...breathe. Highly recommend watching this video on breathing:

Now for some "old" things...

-SHE'S BACK! She made her mark on Europe, but LA has been missing my dear friend terribly. I love that time and distance have no impact on our friendship, because even after not seeing her for 6 months we can still do the craziest things together until tears are the product of laughing too hard. 

-Napping has made it's way back into my daily schedule. Although the amount of work on my plate daily dictates that I have no time for anything less than studying around the clock, sleep has become more scarce and therefore even more vital. *cue my narcoleptic tendencies* 

Back to the papers and case studies. Until next time, strangers. 
lots of lovee

Sunday, February 23, 2014

super satisfaction

Diablo tacos in Silver Lake 
For the record the above picture is of the tacos that my friend and I both ate last weekend. TWO people and not just myself. However, twice this week I ate 2 lunches in one day. That is several portions and calories more than necessary. Perhaps the old me and food baby which I have long tried to discipline are once again acting out but this puts me in a very hefty physical and mental state. WHY don't I feel satisfied after each meal? Granted I do feel full during and after the meal has commenced but a few hours later that baby is whining to be indulged once once again my guard is let down and several cookies are usually involved.

I ponder satisfaction and despite my physical expansion if that transfers to my spiritual life. Am I satisfied with God? Is Christ truly enough for me? Swirling curiosity of these questions and seeking self control has motivated me to read my Bible everyday in the hopes of this satisfaction. 

With the sun in my face, music in my ears, a pen at the ready and prayer for an open heart I dive into the book of Romans and listen for the Holy Spirit. I am apprehensive to label this daily study a "New Years resolution" but more of a new life goal, and so far the experience has blown me away by the grace of God to teach me something new everyday. Super satisfaction. 

lots of lovee

Thursday, September 26, 2013

little mustard seed

sunset on the flight home

"And He said to them, "Because of the littleness of your faith; for truly I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you." Matt.17:20

How little is/was my faith? This past summer the Lord has shown me how much I have changed. Although it feels ironic, He has shown me through my friends experiencing now the trials I faced in the past for me to see the lengths that I have grown. Praise God for His mercy and love. On a recent trip to Alaska-- an escape to nature with no reception, I was tested by things like impatience and selfishness. The old me would have been in a strop the whole time with nothing to make me feel better but vain attention and coaxing, but thankfully my Heavenly Father helped me see that I am bigger than my pride thanks to humble salvation. Like the glaciers, God is constantly shaping and chiseling me down to the woman that He wants me to be (unlike the glaciers this breaking down is positive and not a sign of global disaster). I may even share some photos of my refreshing summer with you...stay tuned.

Tomorrow is the start of another semester of uni and I am excited for the plans that God has for me and for you, my readers.

lots of lovee

Thursday, June 27, 2013

hello goodbye

Hello strangers! It has been quite some time since I last posted and I apologize but life has been throwing me this way and that way for the past 2 months. Sadly I am out of time to update you all right now because I am going to Thailand again! Literally I leave in an hour...oops. Being called back to Thailand by God and leading this team has been such a journey of personal growth and we haven't even left yet! To keep updated with me and the team visit : !

Well it was lovely sharing a whole 10 seconds with you all but I really must finish packing now. goodbye for now!

lots of lovee

Friday, May 17, 2013

birthing knowledge

Who taught you everything you know? I admit that I don't know much. If the universe was a box then I know the amount of a dot within that box..if at all. However I do know that almost everything I know is from my mom and my grandmothers. On Sunday we got together to celebrate my mom and the other mothers in our lives by showing love the best way that we know: cooking for them.

A meal for the sweltering heat based on the fresh produce of the season and trying to keep it light. Oh and our insatiable love for cheese. yes we are mildly lactose intolerant.

fresh strawberries and cherries

spinach and strawberry salad with candied walnuts

our favorite brie with crackers appetizer

potato, spinach, and mushroom fritatta

homemade sangria

ratattouille tart
Recipes will come later because these dishes are too simple and delicious not to share! But back to the main event: family

Thanks mommydearest for teaching me about everything from the science of cooking and baking to the reason why we worship such an amazing God. In the midst of our food coma after lunch we talked about what it was like to birth 4 children, and if I didn't appreciate her enough before I most definitely love her now. Happy Mother's Day to the greatest woman in my life.

lots of lovee

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Happy Spring! I love this time of the year because everything is blossoming, the weather is getting warmer, and its the last uni quarter standing between me and summer. As much as I enjoyed the chill factor of last quarter I am very happy to be in spring and to have had a chance to recharge my batteries over spring break a few weeks ago.

In honor of the break I took some time to visit a friend and road trip up to San Francisco to spend a few days of pigging out, shopping, and good ol' bonding time. Here are some highlights:

 can never resist a sweeping mural (remember this wall)
 Some of the best soul food in the heart of the Tenderloin District at Brenda's. Not to mention hands-down the most delicious crawfish beignet I've ever had.
 beautiful weather & a beautiful friend at the Union Square hearts

 seeking food coma rest and refuge at SFMOMA
"oh you blend in with the wall!"
Ending off the trip with pear ginger agave sorbet & mexican chocolate ice cream in a black sesame waffle cone from Tara's and gorgeous creation on the drive home

Despite grim weather reports we were blessed with clear skies and ample sunshine, which almost tricked us into forgoing coats...until we remembered: this is NorCal. Thankfully I have been practicing the art of "layering" which helped to keep the chill at bay only to have gusting winds blow right through me. Thank goodness I gained a solid 10 pounds in those few short days...not. More pictures of my adventures in SF on my Instagram.

The trip was a success and one that I would gladly do again but the perfect end to my spring break was Good Friday and Easter celebrations. Renewing my spirit always satisfies more than anything no matter how much I eat. With that in mind I am sprung for this season and pumped for what lies ahead.

Have a blessed week!
lots of lovee

Sunday, March 10, 2013

lifestyle blend

Greetings! After weeks of living a strange blend of overly busy with events and life under a rock turning in applications for nursing programs I have finally had a chance to breath and blog a little..just a little. As of late my Instagram and twitter have become my main media platforms for the day to day events of life as well as big events happening too (yes..I have become one of those people). 
There is a small corner of my heart that has always been reserved for all printed, colored, off shaped pants, and with the influx of all these trends for winter and spring my closet is now overflowing in all bottoms non-denim related. 
While on hiatus, I celebrated one of the greatest holidays: Chinese New Years! Of course this holiday was accompanied with quality family time, too much good food to handle, lots of dessert making (see berry crisp & homemade apple pie above), and blessings of hong bao.
who runs the world? GIRLS.
The weekend after Valentine's Day, the men of my campus fellowship surprised the ladies with an appreciation dinner that left me touched, blessed, and beyond thankful.
Through all of these events, minor and major, I continue to see God's hand moving. Amongst all the stress that has been linked to considering my future recently (program applications, future mission trips, change of major, etc.) it is humbling to have learned patience and a true peace from God that everything will work according to his plan. I just need to have faith and pray. The biggest thing I have learned is the importance of being a true person of prayer and the immense advantage there is to truly giving all of your worries and burdens up to the Lord. James 1: 2-8 

lots of lovee

p.s. im fasting youtube at the moment, but I very highly recommend the band Monsters Calling Home for smooth Mumford-Of Monsters-like jams.