Monday, August 29, 2011

peel banana.peel peel banana-nana

It's a dance move. if you really do not know i will show you...maybe.

QUESTION: what happens when you mix over ripe bananas, sour cream, & creative juices together?


Don't believe how enticingly delicious this can be? put off by the sour cream? let me explain.
 We begin with the dry ingredients& sift them together. At the same time we let our butter soften to room temperature. Why do we sift? To let all of the flavors (i.e. cinnamon&salt) mix evenly throughout...also so there aren't clumps of baking soda in our bread
Then comes the wet. Pictured clockwise: mashed bananas, beaten eggs, sour cream, & creamed butter with brown sugar.

**baker's note: sour cream helps keep the bread suuuper moist & for the most part will not change the flavor too much**
 Once both are equally incorporated separately, sift the dry mix into the wet to create the bread batter.
*I do it in parts to avoid potential excessive mess*
best part: ADD CHOCOLATE CHIPS ^.^ (note- the batter should be like a slightly thicker cake batter, not one to roll out or knead)
 Pour batter into your pan of choice & sprinkle extra brown sugar on top for good measure :) Then into the oven it gooooes !

After the given time your dense banana creation comes out of the oven ready for consumption !

I prefer it the next day after letting it set&cool in the fridge, but hot with vanilla ice cream is still a stellar choice. Try it! Let me know how it goes :) Happy baking in the sweltering heat!

More details about the recipe at the awesome Closet Cooking blog!

lots of lovee

sidenote: classes begin again tomorrow.. summer is goneeee :(

Friday, August 26, 2011

ORANGE you glad it's friday?

Okay this is going to be short&sweeet.... like
 (If you have never tried this. i'm going to go out on a limb and say you are missing out on the tasties of life. personal opinion)

Anyways back to the main event! I you recall the last installment of attack the senses this past Monday, I appealed to all of you to get CREATIVE! Make something! How has that been going?

Well on my quest for D.I.Y. inspirations I stumbled upon a beautiful new site: HowAboutOrange

The blogger, Jessica, caught my attention with her posts on creating your own patterned fabrics but as I continued to shuffle through her posts I became more and more inspired to let my creative juices flow!

Are you inspired to make your own cuteness? I want to see your results :) post belowwwwwww

lots of lovee

p.s. i'm off for a weekend retreat of fellowship&meeting God. What are you doing?

Monday, August 22, 2011

attack the senses

This week's inspirational attack of the senses surrounds one idea: GET CREATIVE!

After having gone to a wedding& seeing every bit of cuteness created I have felt the crafty bug bite in full force.

Take up knitting, starting drawing, decorate your room in a fresh way! Something to get those creative juices flowing.
Don't be shy about your creations. Hang them. Photograph them. Loves them. 

Add some color to your life :) 

Most important:
Reward yourself with ice cream!
Good luck with your pursuits&I would love to see the results after.

lots of lovee

(creds: tumblrz, TheGlitterGuide, & HonestlyWTF)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

FEAST your eyes on this hodgepodge

grilled yummness
Would you like to even try and venture what you see there? DELICIOUSNESS. correct. As promised I brought you a photo diary of my journeys in thailand, but now I bring you a food diary of the trip to make you jealous....and hungry :)

Let's begin
Padseew with gravy at the GoldenTriangle
Pancake donut sausage pop with condensed milk.
Street vendor fare: sticky rice,bamboo,fishcakes,&friedshrimp

The best meals were served everyday at school in the canteen for lunch. Good food.Great price.Awesome fellowship
Somtam. "papaya salad"
Just a taste of some of the highlights from the trip. Hopefully your mouth is watering&stomach is growling for some yummness!

lots of lovee

p.s. going to a friend's wedding today! :) I love weddings so with any luck there will be lots of pictures on the way

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

a Modest Proposal

NO, we are not going to be eating babies or making them into gloves. Terrible. 
(p.s. if you didn't get that reference please refer to Jonathan Swift for his brilliantly modest proposal)

After having to wear clothes that was deemed modest for teaching and going to another country, i found that it wasn't that horrible. Despite the humidity&the constant sweating because I was only able to wear shirts with sleeves, putting together outfits was not the worst but the selection was not large. 

Anyways! Since that revelation I kept my eye out for more modest put-togethers and stumbled upon the classy Linda of LittleTinSoldier tumblr.

Okay. i'm a little obsessed but I adore the fact that she recycles a lot of her pieces but in new&fresh ways. Aces.

Summer doesn't have to always mean shortshorts & crop tops. I'm a regular girl. Sometimes a modest look is the best. Agree?

 lots of lovee

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thailand photo diary p.3

Last days in Thailand:
Fun& water games at the orphanage; kids from the Akha center; intense chinese jump roping (barefoot+gravel=intense); teary goodbye :(

Sharing in Mandarin service this past week at my church made me remember and evaluate just how great God is and how much He provided for us while we there. He is faithful.

lots of lovee

p.s. thailand food post coming soon :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

attack the senses

Never thought you'd read another one of these again, huh? but ALAS! dear readers I have not forgotten about my weekly installment. In fact I have missed engaging your senses with pictures that can make you fat&creative just by looking at them.

This is my apology picture to you. Please forgive me by treating yourself to a look at the magical union between waffles and ice cream. Speaking of ice cream, let the attack continue!
Was that satisfying? I didn't think so. forgiveness. I will try much harder next week! For now you will have to content yourself with ice cream waffle dreams. Enjoy the rest of summer!

lots of lovee

p.s. a preview of posts to come..

A modest mouse post. anticipate!

(creds: tumblrz, LittleTinSoldier)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Thailand photo diary p.2

Week 2 of the trip at MoPoSo:
Happy camp&the lunch crew; delicious hospitality from the church; coffee breaks with my sister; E.V. party& my little scouts; late drives into the mountains between Burma&Laos

So concluded our time in Maesai. UP NEXT: off to Hwei Peung&the orphanage. Installment 3 coming soon....

lots of lovee