Sunday, June 26, 2011

everybody don their 'YAY' hats!


It has been a long and slightly hard journey building up to finally getting baptized but it was worth waiting for. All these years people have been asking me, "why aren't you baptized?" "when are you going to get baptized?" "your family is all baptized, why are you still waiting?" Honestly, these questions bothered me. Reasons 1. I thought baptism was only to be thought of as a serious matter when that person is ready, not because the family order says so; 2. WHY YOU UP IN MY BIZ-NASS? (yah i have attitude. im a girl. so sue me); and 3. I never wanted to admit to myself or others that I wasn't "up to par" in my spiritual life as I should be.

I have dealt with a lot of temptations in the process. Boys. Drinking. Weed. Bury myself in school instead. Get lost at work. Fashion trends. This blog. All these idols that were put before me and each of them had their own tempting light. (I'm not saying I don't still struggle with these-because i do- but they all seemed much more prevalent once i decided to get baptized. Satan has a tight grip on the world.

*I'm sorry if this is long and not interesting to you, but i created this as an outlet for everything in my life. HODGEPODGE. *

so congratulate me! i will post up pictures later :)

lots of lovee in Christ

Friday, June 24, 2011

attack the senses

Summer is here, so here are some photobombing to attack your senses in a summery way :) ENJOY FRANDS!

What says summer more than bathing suits, books, sun hats, fresh strawberrys, eating breakfast foods at all times, having fun with cooking, and hikes? combine all of this and I am one happy camper looking like this....

and i mean the camel...jk! not..

allow me to invade your ears as well

lots of summmmer lovin'

(creds: Sterling Style, tumblrs, Youtubez)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

off my desktop


When i see images that inspire me or i just enjoy i drag them onto my desktop to share with the world HERE on mi blog. However they build up and oftentimes i do not post them for a while because they aren't relevant to a certain topic that i'm sharing about and lalalablahblah. (p.s. im going to keep rambling like this for a bit more so you can stop reading...NOW)

Anyways here are all these images without rhyme or reason put together on this post because I LIKE THEM and thats what this blog is about :) this could be another "attack your senses" installment but somehow i didn't feel these images were of that aesthetic level. i'm not going to explain every image as to why i like them because i know all you readers are tired of that. just know that i like them and they have been desktop-ed for a reason . enjoy! ...or not.

and so ends my ranting for today.

lots of  loveee

(creds: tumblrz)

Friday, June 17, 2011

tidbits. SAN

Yeah. It's finally come. part 3 of my whirlwind photo diary from LAST WEEK. man i'm a slacker.

Granted. I have been working and gotten sick in that time. whateves here it is part SAN of my weekend : GRAND CANYON

So begins with me and my fambam in a helicopter flying through the grand canyon down to the colorado river.
View down stream from our boat cruise
Our next stop on the canyon where we met a friend...
We are pretty sure he said his name was "Wiz Khalifa" hahahaha. He draws beautiful murals on rocks with sharpies for the tourists on the spot and will show you all the stuff the tour people don't know about that area, like where Thunderbird and the Red Lady are. Cool guy with an even cooler outfit.

I can't help but be amazed by God when I look at his creation and the intricate details of how this Earth came to be. He made it so beautiful and rich with resources and love, but there is so much hate and evil that has taken hold. Makes one wonder about the future of mankind..

Well thank you for enjoying this fastforward-ed version of my weekend photo-diary. Stay tuned next time for more random inspiration and photo bombing :)

lots of loveee

(creds: MEEEE )

i misss..

Recently I have been remembering those things that I used to be addicted to but have worn away over the years. Like my mom's  beef stroganoff. Absolutely delicious.

I miss working at the florist shop in the summer and going to the flower markets in the early mornings then making flower arrangements in the afternoons
 That's what I would look like coming out from the flower mart in the mornings...though I wasn't so sweetly dressed
 Most of all I missed the vibrant colors and intense fragrances of a shop full of flowers

All this nostalgia makes me miss dancing hula even more, which is what reminds me of summers the most. Performances under blazing hot suns on hard gravel at the local chinatown festivals...hanging out with my friends in between dances and during practices...sighh. I suppose it's never over until it is.

lots of summer lovin'

(creds: tumblrz)

not so different

What does one do when they are home all day sick? Sit in bed watching ドラマ, drinking lots of liquids and not eating much else, and lastly scouring the internet in search of different fashion inspirations :) (the latter being my favorite of the activities, and being sick in bed just makes spending more time doing that as a better excuse)

I now present my latest NEW fashion inspiration from Japan:
MINA NAGAMINE. designer for japanese based brand EMODA

Isn't she so cute? I love LOVE LOVE her shoes...check 'em out

I'm usually not one for yellow shoes, but these mustard yellow clogs are too adorable!

 Leopard? platform clogs? long skirts? 
It's nice to see that these trends aren't just western or an American fad.

 There are soooo many things I want to share on this blog! material things like my new sun hat and my new favorite jacket. intellectual things like the newest book that I'm reading. Spiritual things like my upcoming baptism and my thoughts on that. 

Sighh. I suppose all these will have to wait for tomorrow while I continue being sick at home. :( ....or not. 

 Until then frands.

lots of love

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

tidbits. NI

aand here comes the rest of my rewind photo journal from the past week....

This is how i lived in the library during finals week. Left at 9 p.m., at pretzels for dinner, and aimlessly made tabs for my notes (see above picture)
pre-spa time at TOM N' TOMs for some latenight dessert&coffee
Mixed berry custard tart. yummers
Continued birthday celebration/ needed relaxation in the middle of my finals week. Spa time with my sister is always good :)

Since I do not wish to over kill your sense and make you bored with too many boring pictures of my life I will save the last pictures for another post, another time. 
lots of lovee
the final installment coming soon

Monday, June 13, 2011

intricate beauty

My goodness that is beautiful!

*Four days later... I totally forgot I started this post at work and it never came to fruition! not okay.

Anyways I watched this video on Indian block painting and it blew my mind! I have so so so much respect for people who are able to carve such intricate pieces and have such steady hands. I would botch up anything that was remotely that intricate. AMAZING.

Bask in this crazy intricate beauty! I would try this if i knew I wasn't so much of a clutz and will more than likely hurt myself in the process.

Enjoy the beautiful things in life

lots of love

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I'm back. not necessarily in black, but back nonetheless. Gomenasai for the lapse in blogging! There was a bit too much going on.

Birthday. (disappointing slightly). Finals. (horrible horrible). Breakfast with grams :). (a lovely change). Mini trip to Grand Canyon with fambam. (tiring and a brutal assault to my senses).

Anywho. I wanted to share some pictures from my birthday that my friend, Alisa Wong took for me around our church. It was pretty fun, except for one location that had me standing in a birdpoo infested loading dock, but other than that good times!

for your viewing pleasure:

and so begins the pictures i the bird poop loading dock.

Overall a lot of fun and I like how the pictures turned out. THANKS AL! ^_^

abrupt. to be continued...

Monday, June 6, 2011

just a taste

I wish this post was about food! because i know that's what you're thinking when you read the title.

actually, I am planning to finish that post I promised on the garlic knots that I made...when those photos are uploaded...stay tuned.

No this is a celebratory photo-bombing attack your senses as i am HALF WAY DONE WITH FINALS! wooooooo...okay I still have 2 left but I'm feeling pretty good so we'll just leave it at that.

Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Girl
Sheer brilliance.
the bolo is baaaaack! yessss.
i'm attracted to jewelry that takes human figure
color explosion on canvas
color explosion in your MIND

As you can tell and are probably tired of, I am obsesssssed with lights lately! Not sure what it is but they can be so pretty ^_^

alright,alright. back to studying. until we meet again dear readers

lots of lovee

(creds: tumblr cyberworld, Nicole Warne, Style-Arena)