Wednesday, March 30, 2011

simmer down now

i need music. Whether im lounging around in my backyard, going for a run, or even trying to bear through my hours at work, i need to listen to music in order to keep sane.

fun fact about myself: there is music constantly playing in my head depending on anything that happens around me. everything reminds me if either a song or a movie line.

kina grannis is perfect for smooth jams while i study and one day i want to meet her at one of her performances buuut shes not coming back to LA for a while so that dream will have to wait for a while.

well here is to a 4-day weekend after ending spring break, cheers!

lots of love

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

in the nick of time

i was able to take a few snaps this afternoon before the storm clouds rolled in. It was interesting but when i was thinking about it, i was able to put this outfit together with each piece under $15! most expensive item on me? the butterfly ring on my left hand coming in at a whoping $20!

i love that. the silk shirt was $3 at a thrift store, the cargos were $10 at target, and the boots were picked up at a LF warehouse sale for $15 :) my rings are probably the most expensive in general that i wear daily ranging from $10-$20 each....pretty expensive for a poor college student but i love them all (and i get my moneys worth out of them in wear).

well off to vegas this weekend for a retreat to end my spring break then back to school! :(
lots of love

Monday, March 21, 2011


With the current pingpong weather going on, these are just some of the inspirational cold weather looks that will be inspiring my wardrobe this week. Trench coats, heavy knit scarves, pants, and large sweaters will be my life this week

when i would rather be wearing this

shorts, light layers, tees, and a nice even tan :(

(photos courtesy of Hanneli Mustaparta,  Where Did U Get That, Tokyo Belle, and others)

lots of hopeful sunshine love


spring break finally came! well it actually came 4 days ago but i have already been taking the opportunity to lounge around while im on break :) anywaays. just thought i'd share some cooking ideas! for those who are not aware of the craze that was the kogi truck (a taco truck that was korean-mexican fusion) i decided to try and recreate that same flavor with leftovers i had at home. result: YUMS! and it didn't cost me HALF as much as the kogi truck because it was all leftovers!

-2 corn tortillas (or flour whichever you prefer but i like the toasty taste of corn)
-bite size pieces of galbi (the korean beef, or any meat really)
-salad lettuce :if you have some premade salad mix-types those are good because there is already a blend of lettuce, carrot, and etc.
-hot sauce!

toast the tortillas and throw it all together and VOILA! deliciousness. the perfect poor-college student's hipster meal :)

more hodgepodge to come, lots of love <3

Friday, March 18, 2011


i always knew i wasnt adequate to be a part...but i feel it more now than ever.

all jokes aside (literally) i don't know if i can deal with this anymore....but i suppose bottling it in for 18 years isn't quite "dealing" with it.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Taking some time out from finals to encourage prayer for Japan. For the people who have lost their homes, are still separated from their families, and the animals that have been cruelly misplaced because of these events.

Have faith. God is watching over them

Friday, March 11, 2011

applicable? ...not

everyone always say that what we learn in school will one day be applicable in our lives...well right now i do not feel like statistics is applicable to my life at all.

sighhhhhhh finals eat your heart out.

love from a hermit in finals week

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

give me that beat

amidst all this prefinals/finals week stress, a little music helps to break the tension


a little florence, some mumford, some crazy beats to make my feet dance, some Jesus and im set for finals week.

lots of love

Saturday, March 5, 2011

shake and break

accessories are a huge part of my wardrobe. my essentials are my rings and earrings. hardly ever go out of the house without them on because i feel like im missing something if i do

Friday, March 4, 2011

i stole it from grandpa

friday marks the weekend. aka relax and chillax..starting with clothes

bowl-cut in front? :( my brother's description for my new haircut...or maybe susie bubble-esque? im hopeful

Thursday, March 3, 2011

caring is creepy

The Shins put it well.

prince of egypt? no thats just my new hair cut..

just got it a little while ago and im not sure how i feel about it yet...give it a few days of playing around with and then i'll see. but on a happier note, the week is finally over!

happy weekending :)


日本がだいすきです! 日本語。。。がときどきすきじゃありません。


いきましょ! ^_^

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the fight for denim

ever since i last posted about my love for denim and how my sister finds this love strange, every time a good denim look has come across my path i am now perked up to prove her wrong of this love.

points in case...

the denim based brand, Kroam predicts short-alls for summer'11

just so cute, fun, and vintage feeling... how can anyone resist??


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

a specific style? ....whats that?

as stated earlier i am just a big hodgepodge of different ideas and inspirations that make me up...much less my "style"

a few looks at my quirks:

rings. grunge. classic blazer. man-style. shoes that pop!

among my quirks that fashion piece that i enjoy (that makes my sister frustrated) is my love for denim. denimondenim. overalls. she finds them insufferable...i find them practical :)

lots of prefinals love !