Saturday, July 12, 2014

new things & old things

Hello out there? Yes. I forgot this blogged existed for a while. When this blog was birthed the intentions were mixed and cloudy but as it has grown these past few years I liken it to a horribly public window into my life and thinking. While it would be nice to say that I'm not ashamed of my first few posts (what was I thinking? immature narcissist), the optimistic portion of me considers those early posts merely a jumping off point to where I hope that this blog will continue to go. I want this blog to evolve as I also continue to grow through life- going places, trying new things, and learning from mistakes. Go ahead and stick around for the random update every few eons and laugh at/with me while I try with every ounce of my being to formulate my scattered thoughts into words.

Now for a life update: the real reason for my absence (other than sheer laziness) is that God flipped my life upside down not too long ago with a fulfillment of my, and many of your, prayers. I was accepted to Azusa Pacific University's 2+2 Nursing Program! The program began in May and these have been the most incredible, stressful and challenging 3 months of my life. God is so good. A great number of things have happened, so if you come up to me and ask "how's nursing school?" please don't be offended or surprised if the experience is difficult to express, because my mind is constantly in the midst of processing what exactly is happening to me. Know that I am so thankful for everyone's support, love and prayers to the point where there are no words for me to express that gratitude.

Some new things in my life (besides the giantwhalethatisnursingschool):
-God has blessed me with the most amazing group of friends in this program. We spend virtually every moment of every day together and there is never a dull moment
I can't take normal photos...or stop eating fries. Sorry guys.

-Recently I started reading an excellent book that my friend sent me for my birthday called, Power in Prayer by Andrew Murray. It is amazing the depth and beauty of prayer! Looking back on these past few years I have seen the power and comfort of prayer, but this book opens up different views on a person's view of prayer and challenges greater understanding in order to have a greater heart in God. 

-Weddings. This year is a huge one for my family and I am overjoyed to be adding another sister and brother to the Lue clan. 

-Learning to breathe in nursing school. Yes...breathe. Highly recommend watching this video on breathing:

Now for some "old" things...

-SHE'S BACK! She made her mark on Europe, but LA has been missing my dear friend terribly. I love that time and distance have no impact on our friendship, because even after not seeing her for 6 months we can still do the craziest things together until tears are the product of laughing too hard. 

-Napping has made it's way back into my daily schedule. Although the amount of work on my plate daily dictates that I have no time for anything less than studying around the clock, sleep has become more scarce and therefore even more vital. *cue my narcoleptic tendencies* 

Back to the papers and case studies. Until next time, strangers. 
lots of lovee