Tuesday, February 28, 2012

poladroid me, captain!

Happy Tuesday all! Wanted to share my most exciting recent purchase: these Target riding boots! Can you guess how much they were? ...only $13 including tax! whaaaat. I asked myself the same question. Since purchasing them Friday they have been on rotation nonstop and are perfectly comfy for all of this strange cold weather SoCal has been having.

That's all for now friends :) Have a lovely rest of the week!

lots of lovee

Ephesians 3:6-12 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

h a p p y a n n i v e r s a r y !

Can you believe it's been a year since the inception of this blog? Of course not! I can barely believe it but I am so happy what this blog has done and become for me.

With this momentous occasion I treated myself with this:
...not really :) I just used at as an excuse to buy these brilliant rings from JewelMint!

This blog (&dear readers) have seen me go through every season. From my very first post about why I decided to start blogging; the amazing things God has done in my life; to my evolution of outfit posts; some of my greatest cooking feats (1,2,3,4); my mission trip to Thailand (photodiaries ichi,nisan); and all throughout my current time in Uni.

Thank you for being a part of my life for the past year.

lots of lovee

John 14:27

Thursday, February 23, 2012

gotta collect 'em all

There have been a lot of collaborations this past season with big name designers & department stores (i.e. Versace for H&M) along with collaborations between bloggers & designers (i.e. Man Repeller x MR DANIJO). Most recently my favorite collabs for the stores, for affordable prices, have been :
Jason Wu for Target that debuted on the 5th! I love the classic simplicity of the collections for everyday wear. Mainly I love the bags that he created! Lovely satchels and clutches with my name written on them in a low price tag :)

The other is Marni for H&M collection that launches March 8th. I am really egg-cited for these pieces to hit stores. Brilliant mix of patterned everything and detailed structured tailoring makes me antsy for spring! Although a bit more expensive than the Jason Wu collection, I love H&M and was not interested by the outlandish Versace collection preceding.


lots of lovee

(creds: refinery29targetellie&eri)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

{sending} breakfast love

 clockwise: homemade lemon/lime curd; coconut almond chocolate chip scones;
 greek yogurt w. honey, fresh blueberries, &granola
Trader Joe's greek yogurt with honey, fresh blueberries, & granola

My breakfast for this week has been inspired by my sister in Japan, who would usually be eating these things but can't so I am doing it for her :)

 The greek yogurt and blueberries was completely intentional after making a trip to TJ's. The lime curd & scones on the other hand were spontaneous...stay tuned for a later post on that.

Happy hump day! Have a lovely rest of the week!

lots of lovee

p.s. do you know what this Saturday is?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

the w e e k e n d e r.

trip to Museum of Contemporary Art; quality friend time; 
super yums thai food @TheRusticSpoon in Hollywood; chill backyard bbq 

This weekend felt so laid back even though I was driving everywhere with a million things on my mind. Spending quality time with far away friends was an extra bonus :)

Have a wonderful start of the week!

lots of lovee

Monday, February 13, 2012

{attack the senses} music to my ears

After the Grammy's last night I am in a music mood. Adele was the highlight for me last night because I loved her entire 21album, but was disappointed that Mumford&Sons didn't win. 

Let that soak in a minute. Folksy, smooth, chill. That's what I am embracing right now in life.

start off the week in a lovely way :)

lots of lovee

Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Give me all the bacon and eggs that you have" - Ron Swanson

I love Parks&Rec ("P&R...Tommy's Place"). I love Ron Swanson and his love for breakfast foods. Though I wish this was a post about bacon and eggs it is about one of my favorite breakfast foods: scones!

Perfect for tea time. Perfect for jams and jellies. Perfect for baking at 1 in the morning to unwind. Perfect for any time of the day. These particular coconut almond chocolate scones, compliments of one of my favorite baking blogger personalities, Joy the Baker, are absolutely aces.

**One tip that I will share that worked super well for me: buttermilk substitutions! It was always seems like bloggers just have buttermilk on hand at all times, but I don't so these methods are fantastic because I do usually have lemon juice or yogurt !

Have a lovely weekend friends!

lots of lovee

Friday, February 10, 2012

crunch time

I've been on a cooking kick for the past few days. Needless to say I have been so stressed and cooking/baking is my favorite way to unwind. After making a breakfast frittata with potatoes as the base, I was left with a whole lot of leftover taters and the last of my rosemary. Naturally I had to make my own baked chips...it just makes sense.

Don't these potatoes look dreamy

I would have gone heavier on the rosemary and lighter on the sea salt, but for a first attempt I quite liked them :) Just thick and crunchy enough without being super greasy because they were baked instead of fried. Absolutely brilliant.

lots of lovee

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

w e e k e n d e r.

Sunday walks after church down to Olvera street produce good food and excellent inspiration.
1. tostada 2. signage for Mr. Churro against a wonderful gate 3. mexican sandal wants
4. my love for the 80's sweater design against my love for brick 5. my friend & I enjoy stopping to observe the succulents displayed

The past 4 days have been earth shaking. An unforeseen amount of changes has jumbled my emotions and I have been left confused. However God provides such loving people in my life that have supported me through this weekend whether it was phone calls in a parking lot or getting coffee and praying for me. God is good all the time.

lots of lovee

Monday, February 6, 2012


Well friends, I did it. Just like promised in my last post I had much time to spare so I made some cards out of my leftover paint chip swatches!

I'll be honest: I was pretty surprised with how well they turned out, because I am not creative or crafty at all, and they are pretty cute I think. Haha.

made a complete mess in the trimming process.. 
two birthday cards & a farewell card for my sister :)

They were so easy to make and are so cute! I am inspired to do more crafts now (...but will probably leave it at inspiration hehe). There are several different food projects that I have my eye set on so look out for more recipes &maybe a weekend update coming your way!

lots of lovee

Thursday, February 2, 2012

attack the senses {cheap inspiration}

i love free things. i am chinese. yes, i just stereotyped myself.

to the point, i love when fun and creative art projects cross my path that are just inspiring and cheap enough when i know i have to do them. (bytheway. i am not crafty at all...it's quite sad)

for the past few months i have been "collecting" paint chip swatches because 1. i love the colors & 2. my aspirations of a huger, harder art project have been stewing without action, so when i stumbled across brokeandhealthy's blog post on 50 fun things to do with paint chips i was blown away! check out some of her ideas:

 greeting cards
 embellished shapes
 decoration for your bike tires

Aren't they ridiculously clever & look easy enough to do? I guess you can all guess what I'll be doing with my weekend :) i'll be sure to post later how they turn out & let me know if you try any of these or have craft ideas!

lots of lovee

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

hair drama

I love hair. I love that a hairstyle can say so much about a person and change a look from "ughnasty" to "daangmang". After my last haircut (which was unsatisfactory) I decided to let it grow out for the winter & decide a new cut for spring...well that time has apparently come fast. I could go back to the side swept bangs (as pictured by Reese); do the sweeping full bang (i've tried this before); or embrace the middle part look some more (especially inspired by Emily Fields in PLL). "Bald spot conscious" -me has always thought the middle part would make it worst, but I actually like the look even though it only turns out right 1 out of 10 times.
So I guess what I'm saying is: I NEED HELP. suggestions?

lots of lovee

(creds: googles, style-arena)