Monday, May 30, 2011

attack the senses

Scissors on yo neck. sickk
 This is going to become attack the tumblr's soon! I don't want to start a tumblr because I foresee procrastination (which is already bad enough), but pretty much most of the inspiring pictures have been filtering through tumblr.....must.resist. !

This is going to be a lot of hodgepodge, but once again the theme is details:


I have been wearing my button-down silk shirts to death for the past 2 weeks..they are just so easy and flowy!

next hair project :)

I don't care for cats, but these are hilarious! I never would have noticed them. details details details!
There's a little photo-bombing for you to enjoy on this memorial day off :)

Now I am going to not be fun at all and go write some research papers for finals. wish me luck

lots of love

(creds: Karen, FaceHunter, Style-Arena, tumblrssz)

all of the llghts, all of the lights

Yes, Kanye does make some good music in between crazy tantrums.

This past week I have been very inspired to do a lot of d.i.y. projects, especially for the home. Problem: my house is too cluttered to do the decorations that I would like :( Solution!: Design a friend's apartment for them(*hint hint*) or find an event to do.

dilemma dilemma dilemma.

Understand, these are projects so adorable and bodacious that they must be tried! See for yourself and guard your heart:

Adorable right? Gives off that down-home feel with the jars + those LED throwies are sick! = must cover my house in lights.
I love that these aren't necessarily items that you have to buy, because you get the same thing by using old jam jars or any jars that you love. recycleeeee!

Now go make your own and share with me how they look! :)

lots of love

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Did you see the fly on the screen in Amelie?

All about details!

This week when i was browsing various tumblr's and blogs I noticed that the details of an outfit are truly what makes it unique and brilliant. Here are a few of my favorite detailed finds this week...

case in point:(on Facehunter) a cute simple outfit, but the bows on her shoes really add a POP to the whole look.

JakandJill caught the beautiful color details of the Josh Goot collection
the giant safety pin is genius and adds that extra bada$$ attitude to the outfit
My favorite look that I found this week! She is so adorable with the bow that gives her a playful feel
Of course I need to include a ring shot. Absolutely breathtaking intricacy and detail in this armor ring

Aren't the details of an outfit so amazingly instrumental to creating a new look to something? Keeping the details in mind as i dress every morning :)

lots of finals stress building up so blogging may become secondary for the next 2 weeks. in the mean time go ZUMMBA for a while like I am right now !

lots of lovee

Sunday, May 22, 2011

third wheeeelin it

Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool
And all shooting some b-ball outside of the school

Fresh Prince of Bel Air was an awesome show...sighh. nostalgia.

Anyways! As promised sharing some photos of my day out with my parents celebrating mi madre's birthday. (hence "third wheelin it" ..aka i invaded my parental's date) I try to make sense sometimes...

It was a beautifully sunny, breezy day yesterday after a long week of gloom and rain, so going to the Huntington Gardens for tea was perfect. Thanks to my aunt we didn't have to pay admission so going was all the more worth it. We arrived for our reservation at the tea room around 1:15ish and were taken to the back room which was 10x's quieter and nicer.

We were greeted by delicious condiments for our tea and scones..
front to back: clotted cream, mixed berry jam, peach/orange marmalade, butter & brown sugar cubes, milk for tea

Then came the endless basket of scones!
bluberry rosemary apple spice scones. YUMS
After that they bring each person their own pot of tea and the rest of the food is laid out buffet style. (not the classiest but everything was still very good)
left: hummus on flat bread, salmon & egg salad finger sandwiches, caviar, fruit tarts, arugula salad   right: i chose rose petal tea <3 
Everything was delicious but so very filling, so after tea/lunch we walked around the gardens and museums
the rose garden

Japanese garden closed for 100 year remodel
...and so begins the photoshoot in the chinese garden. photo cred: mamabear

From there we went to go see the Blue Boy painting inside the Gallery, but our time was cut short because the library was closing for the day. Overall it was such a nice day and very relaxing. happy birthday again mama :) i love you

lots of lovee

Friday, May 20, 2011

no slippage here!

yes folks that's right. Kara has finally made a lemon meringue pie! It was amazing how easy it was to make and there aren't actually that many ingredients. aweeeesome. The worst part was whipping the meringue by hand in the heat of my oven..bad idea. However for the sake of my mother's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN MAMA!) it was worth it :) ...especially when my brother did most of the beating haha.

Honestly I don't even like lemon meringue pie, but I would definitely try my hand at it again. According to my mother (who taught me how to bake) this was a success because the meringue didn't slip off when it was baked. Learn something everyday.

verrrry carefully cutting the first slice

My mom being very smiley with the pie

Continuing with the birthday celebrations I went out with the parentals today! it's been a really long time since the three of us went out and it was actually really nice :) here's a hint of what we did...
yums right?!
picture bombing to come!

lots of lovee

Sunday, May 15, 2011

the man who stole my heart....

stole my heart of RINGS. (yeah that was bad. muuuch funnier in ma head. you had to be there)

Yesterday i had the pleasure of going to the warehouse sale for LF! Honestly it has been hit and miss the past 3 times that I have gone but there have also been some grrreat finds. This past time I found the most hilarious ring. please indulge with me in this hilarity

isn't he so cute? ....but mostly just super funny?!
lots of lovee

Saturday, May 14, 2011

attack the senses

internet! The internet is still down at the homestead :( so i have been reduced to taking advantage of the wonderful starbucks establishment nearby.
(needless to say its inconvenient, but will hopefully be remedied very soon)

here's some photo-bombing for you that jumped out at me while i aimlessly rummaged through my friend and Glitter Guide's  tumblrs... i am now seriously thinking of creating one for myself.

I am always down for lying on a roof and staring up at God's creation. p.s. check out more amazing photography by Chanelle

I want to do this RIGHT NAO

Nutella&banana crepes, Churro sticks with nutella, limeade popsicles?! YUMMS.
tribal prints+overly glittered nail polish= yes, pleassse

please let me live in one of these   

entice your senses :)

lots of love

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


(no i'm not trying to be racist) i want to meet one.

MIDTERMS ARE OVER FOR ME :) but im already too busy with other things :(

so i took the chance last night to try some new recipes from a old recipe book that i found at home. ergo the creation of CHHHHUUUUURRRRROOOOOO chips (*to be said like the FleA)

Step 1: cook up your tortillas...

until puffed up but not completely crisp
good to work with while still warm off the pan

cut tortillas into wedges or strips
combine sugar and cinnamon according to your tastes

fry up your strips until golden brown. Drain slightly of extra oils and then toss into sugar while still hot.
let sit and become crispy with the sugar coat

enjoy warm or cooled !

best to store in a brown paper bag to let residual oils seep out and to avoid crushing