Saturday, October 27, 2012

worth the rest

Have you ever felt too busy to take a break but when you do it's obvious how much you needed a rest? I had that. Two weeks ago I was in the midst of preparing for uni midterms, applying to transfer, trying to figure out my volunteer hours....blahblahblah. I was up to my head in stress and things to do with little to no time being given to my bible study fellowship or quiet time with the Lord, so when the time came to sign up for EPIC Fall Retreat I was burdened. Do I go as a leader of my fellowship and just forget about all my worries? Or do I stay home that weekend and work on these things to lessen the stress later?

Needless to say, I went. God was working in my heart to make that decision, because I learned to have worth in myself again through God. The quiet time I had with the Lord was such excellent rest for my mind because there was nothing I had to worry about up there except "how many jackets should I wear in this cold?". When I came home Sunday night I was so renewed in the Father that I saw how these worries weren't as big as I made them. My priorities were skewed. God is so good.

Oh and hammock time is always a good time.

lots of lovee

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

almost long ago

KYOTO. We were almost back to Kanazawa from Fukuoka, and a transfer of overnight bus to day bus dropped us in Kyoto for a few hours. The trip feels so long ago what with the interruption of fall uni quarter beginning again, but I can still taste the amazing matcha ice cream and feel the humid heat in my memories.

Summer is officially gone and fall is here. My SoCal bones are shaking from the chilly weather change and I can only remember humid, hotter days in asia...sighh...until we meet again next summer.

Good vibrations to those in midterms right now! Have a blessed week pondfronds :)

lots of lovee

Monday, October 22, 2012

take a walk with me

"Come on, take a walk with me..."

Tell me you don't love Passion Pit. I might have to tell you we aren't virtual friends anymore...that would be too sad. Love their music and I will love you too.

Recently the ridiculous movement of LA weather from one extreme to the next within a week has left my voice hoarse and my allergies in overload. Therefore I am taking this time to not study for uni midterms to reminisce warmer days.

Delicious Mafia deli sandwiches from Pulciano's in San Gabriel to celebrate Pop's birthday...

watching gazelles basking in the heat of the day at SD Zoo Safari Park

Oh to dream of warmer days

lots of lovee

Thursday, October 11, 2012

collage city ... Fukuoka Style

The main part of my journey through Japan was our mini-vacation to Fukuoka! After that amazing 5 hours of spa time in Osaka, we were pumped and ready to take the beach city but were not so pleasantly surprised by the increase of heat and humidity that welcomed us.

Now I love zoo's but the combination of heat and humidity coupled with lack of shade and sleepiness, our first stop at the Fukuoka Zoo was not amazing. The animals had the right idea of hiding away in their shaded caves taking long summer slumbers as we searched to see a glimpse of their faces. The best animals were the famous Japanese Lesser Panda, zebra, and elephants...the only animals that would come out for us.
By far the reason why we went was for the ramen. Fukuoka is famous for their yatai ramen, which are the streets lined with stalls upon stalls of ramen and yakitori. AMAZING. Their main shopping area, Canal City, even features a "Ramen Stadium" that houses small stalls from many famous ramen stores all gathered in one place for people to try and compare. It was ridiculous. 

On Sunday, after church, we took in a stroll of Ohori Park in the middle of the city that contains a huge lake and island islet shooting into the middle of the water.
Lastly we ate the famous もつなべ (motsunabe) or pork offal hot pot. Dream with me of hot, rich soup with cold ビル, and nice old Japanese owner man. It was the perfect salty meal to make Fukuoka one of my favorite spots.

If you are like me and just beginning to brave this cold weather... BE STRONG. I'm off to the mountains this weekend for some much needed retreat. What are you doing to get through this transition weather?

lots of lovee