Saturday, July 28, 2012

{photo diary} Thailand: provision

First leg of the trip from LA --> Seoul (14 hrs. with the girls)

Witnessed a rainy baptism our first Sunday in Maesai

Most delicious school lunch ... all for $1

Sharing the gospel with our students for the first time

break time everyday at the school complete with 10 baht ice cream cones

dinner visit to BBI

cute children everywhere in thailand :)

The past three weeks have been pure blessings. It is hard to believe that last week I was sweating in Thailand and now I am layering sweaters in LA. I wanted to share some photos from our first week because if I tried to post all of my photos here my computer would most likely yell at me and then freeze. That first week truly taught us to rely on God first and in turn felt His provision for us at every turn. Whether it was worrying about how many students would show up to our afterschool program, trying to find a classroom to hold our time (we held it in the rain outside once), or our health, God was constantly answering our prayers.

More to come...anticipate :)

lots of lovee


  1. i love it. really cute outfits too. hahaha. but where's the rest of you hair in the fifth picture? did you get a haircut in thailand?!

    1. Thanks :) I was constantly sweating so my hair was tied back in a low bun almost all the time ..hence the faux bob haha.


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