Saturday, September 1, 2012

smooth sailing

It is currently 4am in LA so I should be taking in my beauty sleep, but instead my mind is more engaged than usual because for 3 weeks it was adapted to the time in Japan where it is 8 pm. My body is now at a loss as to which time zone it should be catering to. As mentioned in an earlier post, all this new found energy at odd times of the day allow me to edit and share my time in Japan. Contrary to my trip to Thailand, this was purely vacation and a chance to catch up with my sister who is living there.

I got in to Tokyo late Monday night and a friend's family was generous and not only hosted us for the first two nights, but also took us sailing near her home in Kamakura off the coast of Zushi. The beautiful heat and humidity that accompany Japanese summers meant spring-break-like crowds on the beaches and perfect weather for taking on the open sea.
After a few hours of cruising along the coast and seeing the small islands close by we decided to call it an afternoon and have lunch. Deliciously prepared for us, it was a wonderful first meal in Japan. The entire afternoon was lovely and set the course for smooth sailing the rest of my time there.

Stay tuned for the rest of my trip! Have a marvelous weekend!

lots of lovee

p.s. apologies if you are not a fan of collages as the images are not as clear, but they have become my good friend in helping to condense days weeks worth of photos into a few blog posts.

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