Tuesday, December 11, 2012

on a lighter note

Why yes I am still alive. After much consideration, Uni finals week was kind enough to let me survive with only slightly impact on my sanity and stress limits. Anyways now that I have a terrible amount of free time on my hands I decided to dream of warmer days in LA when if the sun came out it meant warmth. If you can't tell by other posts my native SoCal self can only dream of warmer days during these winter months.

Much love and luck to my friends taking their finals this week. YOU GOT THIS.

lots of lovee


  1. i know how it feels to have too much time on your hands... sometimes you just go around and round with yourself in your mind with things. it's good that you have something nice to think about as it happens, though :)

    1. Absolutely! I am forever grateful to God for giving me a lively imagination & lots of inspiration :)

      p.s. your blog is awesome :)


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