Sunday, February 23, 2014

super satisfaction

Diablo tacos in Silver Lake 
For the record the above picture is of the tacos that my friend and I both ate last weekend. TWO people and not just myself. However, twice this week I ate 2 lunches in one day. That is several portions and calories more than necessary. Perhaps the old me and food baby which I have long tried to discipline are once again acting out but this puts me in a very hefty physical and mental state. WHY don't I feel satisfied after each meal? Granted I do feel full during and after the meal has commenced but a few hours later that baby is whining to be indulged once once again my guard is let down and several cookies are usually involved.

I ponder satisfaction and despite my physical expansion if that transfers to my spiritual life. Am I satisfied with God? Is Christ truly enough for me? Swirling curiosity of these questions and seeking self control has motivated me to read my Bible everyday in the hopes of this satisfaction. 

With the sun in my face, music in my ears, a pen at the ready and prayer for an open heart I dive into the book of Romans and listen for the Holy Spirit. I am apprehensive to label this daily study a "New Years resolution" but more of a new life goal, and so far the experience has blown me away by the grace of God to teach me something new everyday. Super satisfaction. 

lots of lovee

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