Wednesday, March 23, 2011

in the nick of time

i was able to take a few snaps this afternoon before the storm clouds rolled in. It was interesting but when i was thinking about it, i was able to put this outfit together with each piece under $15! most expensive item on me? the butterfly ring on my left hand coming in at a whoping $20!

i love that. the silk shirt was $3 at a thrift store, the cargos were $10 at target, and the boots were picked up at a LF warehouse sale for $15 :) my rings are probably the most expensive in general that i wear daily ranging from $10-$20 each....pretty expensive for a poor college student but i love them all (and i get my moneys worth out of them in wear).

well off to vegas this weekend for a retreat to end my spring break then back to school! :(
lots of love

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