Monday, March 21, 2011


spring break finally came! well it actually came 4 days ago but i have already been taking the opportunity to lounge around while im on break :) anywaays. just thought i'd share some cooking ideas! for those who are not aware of the craze that was the kogi truck (a taco truck that was korean-mexican fusion) i decided to try and recreate that same flavor with leftovers i had at home. result: YUMS! and it didn't cost me HALF as much as the kogi truck because it was all leftovers!

-2 corn tortillas (or flour whichever you prefer but i like the toasty taste of corn)
-bite size pieces of galbi (the korean beef, or any meat really)
-salad lettuce :if you have some premade salad mix-types those are good because there is already a blend of lettuce, carrot, and etc.
-hot sauce!

toast the tortillas and throw it all together and VOILA! deliciousness. the perfect poor-college student's hipster meal :)

more hodgepodge to come, lots of love <3

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