Thursday, August 2, 2012

{eat with me} Northern Thailand

I like to eat. Fatkidlovescake type of deal as if you didn't know. One of the aspects of Thailand that I truly love is the food. 1. It's cheap! 30 baht = $1 USD Most meals (including a drink) were under
 40 baht! Our daily meals were bread/yogurt for breakfast, lunch at the school (pictured below), and dinner on the street at the many food stalls.
L-R: Thai tea, egg, pork & greens, green curry over rice

Mi Gao noodles & chrysanthemum tea
teacher's lunch: tom yum gun, fried chicken, greens over rice

There were occasions when the meals were more elaborate meals such as our visit to the Akha village.


lunch clockwise: tiger's bacon, cucumbers, pineapple, ground pork, tomato chili stuffed fish, egg, broccoli, tofu soup
However, one of the most memorable meals was kindly hosted by one of our students at her house. Her family owns a farm where they raise fish, grow bamboo, harvest sticky rice, and her mom is a cook !!
Clockwise: fresh sticky rice, tom yum gun, stir fry vegetables, bamboo soup

Everything was absolutely amazing and there is so much more that I wish I could share but looking back at all of these photos I am starting to get hungry. #fatkidproblems

Have an excellent rest of the week!

lots of lovee

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  1. These pics look great! Mmmm. Makes we want to have some Thai food :)


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