Wednesday, August 1, 2012

{photo diary} Thailand: peace

beautiful sunset outside of the main city

celebrated a team member's birthday :)

dinner at one of the student's house's

some of the classes we taught!

Last day of English Corner 
Evangelistic Goodbye "Sanook Sanook" Party !!

After I left last year my heart was full of sadness and discontent because I regretted not going after those opportunities to share God's love. Going into the second week of the mission's trip I was anxious but I was also filled with such peace. I felt God letting me know that whether these students make decisions now or not I was a part of their spiritual journey. This peace and relief truly allowed me to enjoy the last week with the students :)

I leave for Japan in 5 days so look out for some last minute food posting !

lots of lovee

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  1. i'm pretty sure your baked goods would pass customs. just saying.


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