Thursday, October 11, 2012

collage city ... Fukuoka Style

The main part of my journey through Japan was our mini-vacation to Fukuoka! After that amazing 5 hours of spa time in Osaka, we were pumped and ready to take the beach city but were not so pleasantly surprised by the increase of heat and humidity that welcomed us.

Now I love zoo's but the combination of heat and humidity coupled with lack of shade and sleepiness, our first stop at the Fukuoka Zoo was not amazing. The animals had the right idea of hiding away in their shaded caves taking long summer slumbers as we searched to see a glimpse of their faces. The best animals were the famous Japanese Lesser Panda, zebra, and elephants...the only animals that would come out for us.
By far the reason why we went was for the ramen. Fukuoka is famous for their yatai ramen, which are the streets lined with stalls upon stalls of ramen and yakitori. AMAZING. Their main shopping area, Canal City, even features a "Ramen Stadium" that houses small stalls from many famous ramen stores all gathered in one place for people to try and compare. It was ridiculous. 

On Sunday, after church, we took in a stroll of Ohori Park in the middle of the city that contains a huge lake and island islet shooting into the middle of the water.
Lastly we ate the famous もつなべ (motsunabe) or pork offal hot pot. Dream with me of hot, rich soup with cold ビル, and nice old Japanese owner man. It was the perfect salty meal to make Fukuoka one of my favorite spots.

If you are like me and just beginning to brave this cold weather... BE STRONG. I'm off to the mountains this weekend for some much needed retreat. What are you doing to get through this transition weather?

lots of lovee

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