Saturday, October 27, 2012

worth the rest

Have you ever felt too busy to take a break but when you do it's obvious how much you needed a rest? I had that. Two weeks ago I was in the midst of preparing for uni midterms, applying to transfer, trying to figure out my volunteer hours....blahblahblah. I was up to my head in stress and things to do with little to no time being given to my bible study fellowship or quiet time with the Lord, so when the time came to sign up for EPIC Fall Retreat I was burdened. Do I go as a leader of my fellowship and just forget about all my worries? Or do I stay home that weekend and work on these things to lessen the stress later?

Needless to say, I went. God was working in my heart to make that decision, because I learned to have worth in myself again through God. The quiet time I had with the Lord was such excellent rest for my mind because there was nothing I had to worry about up there except "how many jackets should I wear in this cold?". When I came home Sunday night I was so renewed in the Father that I saw how these worries weren't as big as I made them. My priorities were skewed. God is so good.

Oh and hammock time is always a good time.

lots of lovee

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