Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Something is amiss. The person who forgot for a time that she had a blog is now posting two weeks in a row? I know. Feels funky to me too..attention needy or boastful perhaps.. Well you all can't stop me now! (Literally. You're hours too late to stop me from writing this post) There are so many lovely things around me that I have felt the need to share them //because I am needy and want to blab about all the excellent things that happen in life!

Let's start by talking about how gorgeous these hydrangeas are. There is no shame or hesitation on my part when I admit that flowers are a weakness of mine.

Perhaps it began with the far off summer spent working at a friend's flower shop, which was essentially getting paid for hours of messing around with all types of florals and calling them "arrangements". Since moving to the desert the availability of wild florals (or any plant life) has been scarce so I have made a point to bring flowers up every weekend to bring life and inspiration back into my space. There's something beautiful in their monotonous pattern that keeps my gaze...and makes my eyes go wonky.

Remember that Vacationers concert that I mentioned in my last post? IT WAS MOST EXCELLENT. Yes, the all-caps was necessary because unless you were also there to experience the endless #chillvibes that emanated forth from this band then you wouldn't quite understand. If you are into music that you can jam to while simultaneously feeling like you're at the beach then this group is a serious recommend. Thankfully you can find both their albums on spotify, youtube, etc... so go listen..now! The entire concert was a great way to kick off the new week- eclipsed slightly by all of the drunk dudes who lost comprehension of the personal bubble but even they couldn't stop the waves of music. [also... SHOUTOUT TO LE'ANNA & GREG who also went to the concert]

Last thought for this week: I'm choosing joy. One would think that joy isn't necessarily a choice..until you notice that it seems to be lacking. Reflecting upon this past month, it seemed to have lacked some joy but I was reminded of this verse:
"Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the tesing of your faith develops perseverance." James 1:2-3
Nothing can downplay the joy and freedom given through Christ. Difficulties will always continue to arise from school, family or relationships and there's nothing wrong with me or my life, because God has greater plans in life with a more beautiful purpose for this gawky person. Hosanna. 

lots of love

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