Monday, August 31, 2015


Recently I had a conversation with my sister about how beautifully scary the ocean is. Absolutely gorgeous. Absolutely terrifying. From our perspective the above layers can be breath-taking with unending color gradients and life-giving qualities (i.e. cool relief in the summer, living quarters for creatures, etc.). While we marvel at it's beautiful stillness- we shiver to consider it's changing power and unknown qualities. We know so little of the full extent of the ocean and yet we are so inclined to dive in.... there's creatures down there that are bigger than cars! i'm completely humbled by the ocean.

Likewise, I'm completely humbled by a Father that created a beautiful world with a fury that could obliterate me at any moment. Kind of scary isn't it? Living a life knowing that there is a force out there that can choose when and where we will no longer be a part of this earth. Perhaps that is why I can appreciate this life that I'm given so much more- it's a gift. Of course, like all gifts to humans, they can be ungrateful and abused at times without remembering the One who gave it to you. (This logic makes Hillsong's Oceans make so much more sense now. good one) With that perspective, He really doesn't ask for that much compared to what He has already given.

[Matt. 5:3-12] The Beatitudes. BE-atitudes. be- ATTITUDES.
Jesus' list of those characteristics that will bring blessings and who will receive those blessings. To BE present even in the bad times, because those are still for the Lord. Have an attitude of humility- recognizing all those that came before and suffered the same or worst.

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