Monday, November 28, 2011

attack the senses (THANKSGIVING STYLE)

How was your thanksgiving? :) I had a wonderfully relaxing break as I recovered from the flu-like symptoms that I contracted on monday, but despite my under the weather feelings, the food was still superbly comforting. Anyways, because I'm still feeling the slight after effects of food coma & preparing to eat leftovers for the next few weeks I thought I'd share different leftover recipes that I've found to help us all along with that mountain of partially eaten dishes in our fridges...

I wish I had tried this...

Of all of the recipes I want to try this one the most! fetette blog had the right idea with how to do thanksgiving with these little cupcake cakelettes that seem to be a smart way of controlling portion sizes while getting all the flavors one wants at the same time.

Now these next few recipes are all from one of my favorite recipe blogs, Simply Recipes:
What says post food coma more than some spicy mexican food to speed up that metabolism? Exactly why this Chipotle Turley Pozole appeals so much.

One of my favorite and most classic leftover specials is the open face turkey & gravy sandwich. My dad doesn't cook all that much on a daily basis but after thanksgiving this is his specialty. Good for any cold night while the gravy is hot & the recipe is simple.

The last one comes from the excellent, Epicurious, and relates back to that mixing of flavors with mexican styles by making Turkey Enchiladas. Cheese, enchilada sauce, and turkey? sounds super yums to me!

Hope this has been enlightening to your cooking mind & your leftovers piled in the fridge :)

lots of lovee

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