Saturday, November 5, 2011

f o r g o t t e n. not

After days (& maybe weeks..) of un-posts, I am back! Midterms for uni are over and I am finally given a little breathing room before finals and applications are due! This excitement can only be described with the above^ picture of the most hilarious little tribal print collar that I saw at the LF warehouse sale a few weeks ago. Exciting purchase from that in a later post....

For now I thought I might share some food that has been rumbling in my tummy & making mess' in my kitchen :) *DISCLAIMER : the following pictures will be in bad quality and not of appealing looking food, but if you try them they are delish!*

It starts with a bowl. Shallow enough for non-soup items, yet deep enough to hold everything.

Next came the presence of salmon spinach pasta! Spaghetti noodles cooked to perfection and the salmon perfectly flaked. *did i not warn you about the picture quality? i did. trust.*

 The next day came the poached egg over thin toast with bacon and furikake! If you are like me and enjoy runny eggs over toast, then you would love this with the addition of a little bacon atop.

Well that is all for now I am off to San Diego today for some tassstty bbq and quality time with cousins. Have a lovely weekend!

lots of lovee

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