Monday, April 16, 2012

chemistry like apple and cinnamon

Honesty time: we all love Utada Hikaru's english album somewhere deep in our hearts. We also love to think that adding fruit to a dessert makes it breakfast worthy...I am one of those people.

This past weekend I had a staff meeting and a sunday school class to make light breakfast/brunch items for and recently I went back through my older recipes and bread pudding caught my heart eye again! Wanting to make it "healthier"/ influx of them in my house, I added apples and raisins to my original recipe and cut the chocolate chips & half the sugar.

Step 1: chop up 2-3 of your fave apples into wedges and again into thirds (*used red delicious but any will work)

Step 2: In a deep pan melt down 1 tbsp. butter & add apples to cook down. After 1-2 minutes sprinkle 2-3 tbsp. sugar (*depending on sweetness of your apples to begin with. red delicious=2 tbsp. granny smiths= 2-3 etc.) Let it cook down for another 5-7 minutes until soft & then let cool.

Step 3: Spray deep baking dish and line with 1 layer of bread on hand. **Using wheat or whole grain bread adds a nice crust and density to the pudding that helps hold it all together**

Step 4: Pour cooked down apples & sprinkle desired amount of raisins. Cover with a scattered layer of bread to create crust on top on bread pudding.

Step 5-7: Follow the recipe with a few "breakfast" changes:
--> 1. Reduce sugar amount to 1/2 c. sugar added to milk &eggs
--> 2. Soy milk is a perfectly good substitute to milk
--> 3. Increased to 4 eggs and 3 c. milk
--> 4. Bake at 350 for at least 35 min. and let cool & set in fridge.

That's all for now :) Perfect for dessert or brunch! Have a fantabulous week!

lots of lovee

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