Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Can you see it?

You're the Light in this darkness
You're the Hope to the hopeless
You're the Peace to the restless
You are

There is no one like our God

There is no one like our God 

- God of this City by Chris Tomlin

This past Saturday was the first ever Harvest Crusade for Christ in LA at Dodger Stadium. I have been to a crusade or two before but the out pouring at this one was like nothing I have ever seen before. When Greg Laurie invited people to answer the call from God to join his family the field was so filled with those wanting to join&renew their faith that the fire marshall had to stop people from stepping on the field. Have you ever seen such an outpouring of passion for the Lord like that?

Worshiping led by Chris Tomlin with 5,000 others around me is such a great testament to the passion for Christ in this city.

lots of lovee

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