Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the fur coat & the sarong

I love weddings. They make me happy because they are not just beautiful, but they allow women to let their creative spirit run free. Especially now are more&more interesting ideas being put forth for wedding decor, gifts, invitations, and even venues!

This past saturday a distant cousin got married in huntington beach at a hotel right near the water. They started the ceremony right at sunset and the cool breeze was so refreshing at night during the reception that was simple yet glamorous.

Too bad it was awkward that my sister&I hardly knew anyone there, so we decided to borrow some of my grandmother's pieces and have a derpy photoshoot. prepare for the worst.
 The most amazing fur coat that I wanted to borrow from her for the rest of the night but decided that taking my grandmother's coat would not be the best idea.
 Next was the scarf which was a brilliant red. Able to be worn as a cape, head covering, or a sarong...all in one! The options one can find while messing around at a wedding.

I bet you thought this was going to be a heartfelt post about marriage&weddings but instead it turned into farce. Live a little!

lots of lovee

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