Saturday, January 7, 2012

carrot miso soup with sesame ...holding onto winter

Have you ever felt like a season has come and gone too fast? For the past week California has had lovely spring weather of mid-70's to low 80's, truly excellent weather. However it's not even mid-January yet and I didn't feel very satisfied not having made a comforting soup, so when cold weather turned it's ugly head today and sent the lower 70's to LA (yes, that is cold for me) I took advantage of the time & decided to try out smitten kitchen's  recipe for carrot soup with miso and sesame.

I followed the recipe exactly with the exception that I didn't use the olive oil in the beginning to cook down the onions (onions give off enough liquid that there won't be any burning). I try to avoid using as much oil as possible in soups. *p.s. using chicken broth is an adequate equivalent to the veggie broth* The baby-food look is completely acceptable and once you put a spoon full in your mouth you won't even think about it :)

Enjoy the cold nights!

lots of lovee

look forward to remanents of fall feelings...

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