Saturday, March 10, 2012

ta-ta for now

{new specs! After a few years I wanted to get new frames so I chose these CK tortoise frames. I'm still getting used to them on my face haha}

I realize that Lent has already started and I am a bit behind, but I wanted to really examine what it means for me to give something up for the sake of the Gospel and for my spiritual walk. Giving up facebook or meat are good options, but somehow there always seems to be another reason: "i need to study more" or "i feel like a heffer & want to do a veggie cleanse". These make sense but ultimately, once again, it's not making it about Christ and the sacrifice that He gave. I need to sacrifice something that there would be no other reason for me to except to further my walk with God...

Therefore I am giving up blogging for Lent. I love this blog to pieces but it's the one thing I can fast from without ulterior motives. Thank you all for following and I will see you in the real world or in a few weeks with some killer recipes..and maybe an outfit post :)

ta-ta for now! lots of lovee

Ephesians 2:8-10


Thank you for sharing your thoughts :)