Monday, July 11, 2011

attack the senses

Happy monday frands! As you settle into another seemingly long week of work and summer haze allow me to attack your senses to heighten today :)

Commence vision attack:
Phase2 (&most imporantly) STOMACH ATTACK:

mmm soft cream. makes me think of Japan :( I want to go back!

summer chillin with lots of fruit

These are cinnamon roll pancakes that i have been wanting to share for a while but kept forgetting. The wait is over! FEAST your eyes on sweet love.
HP COMES OUT IN A FEW DAYS! AHHHHHHHHH! makes it even sadder that I wont be here :(
It's 7/11 so go out and say cheers to the week with a free slurpee, it's ON ME! Sorry, my generosity can only go this far, invisible readers.

In other news: I DYED MY HAIR :) stepone of operation purple has commenced & i am now one uneven ombre'd wannabe hipster. rad.

I also leave for Thailand in 72 hours. WHAT?!

lots of loveee

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