Thursday, July 14, 2011

be anxious for nothing


In 30 hours I will be set up in Thailand and there to stay for 2 weeks teaching and spreading the Gospel to high school students. A little anxious/nervous would be an understatement. I am beyond my mind right now, so much so that I can barely pack because this doesn't seem real. Too bad this is cutting it down to the wire since I leave in exactly 12 hours for the airport. .....

With this I will not have access to upload and blog everything wonderful that happens as it happens but a few "attack your senses" installments might pop up every now&then :)

To stay tuned with the team, as well as myself who will be blogging there on occasion : Thailand Team 2011

I expect to be riding elephants like a pro when i'm back, but for now i say adieu for a bit!

lots of lovee, dear readers!


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