Monday, July 4, 2011

let's play catch-up


Let's start with Father's day celebrations in this rewind catch up! We took my awesome dad to try Oinkster in Eagle Rock since he loves his pastrami. I got the special at the time, which was the Reuben sandwich as pictured ^above. (i love reubens)

My sister being herself with a Burger Royale with cheesee

The aftermath.
Next in the lineup... my friend's graduation party :) Such a cute backyard setup with a western theme and hay bales!
The graduate with her crackling pig :)

 Everything that screams summer backyard party: real mason jars with fresh yellow roses&good food. look at those antioxidants! yums.

Fun ways to start off the summer celebrations. Stay tuned for baptism pictures and a special announcement!

lots of lovee

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