Friday, July 8, 2011

eat your heart out america

In my family all celebrations, whether big or small, equals good food. Which can explain why i have the body of a hippo...but thats a discussion for some other time. Right now we are going to indulge in some food porn and let our foodie imaginations run wild.

It began(on the Fourth) with OATMEAL! ...okay not super exciting but incredibly tasty!
I like to add a little wheat cereal for crunch, bananas for creaminess, and frozen blueberries for a temperature balance :)

The rest of the day went like this...
 fresh strawberries+chocolate lined pie crust=
Oviously it means fresh strawberry custard pie with chocolate crust
And you thought it was eaten separate...silly goose.
Of course, what would be a 4th of July dinner without cool, crisp melons? YUMS
Deliciously beautiful caprese salad made by my aunt
Finally rounded off the night with my strawberry pie and a peach pie

All around super good eats :) what did you eat on fourth of july?

lots of lovee

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