Friday, July 1, 2011

is this summer?

百"すみませんでした”s for the lack of posts lately! Not only have i not had time to upload from my camera some outfits and events that i love-but i barely have time to scour the internet for inspiring photos that you could find yourself...what is the world coming to?!

dramatic much? just a bit. i really have been so so busy this week that it begs the question as to whether i really am on summer break. questions questions.

what is more to love in life than the ninja turtles?'re right a lot. BUT NOT BABY ONES ON THE BEACH! tooo cute.

Ice cream has been my latest "cure-all"; summer berries are my love; chuuurrrrrrrrrrrrossss! i feel the urge to make another batch of churro chips this weekend for fourth of july; blueberries- frozen, fresh, blended, whole=yums; melon&cucumbers, so refreshing!

lots of loveee

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