Tuesday, October 11, 2011

attack the senses

Don't you just hate it when your internet goes out? I know! me too. 

Apologies for this slightly late installment but thank you for bearing with me :) In return I offer detailed inspiration for this upcoming week.  remember, It's the little things (did you like that not-so-subtle tie in? hehe )

Isn't that the most beautiful combination of hard metal with loose blouse? perfection.
I know I'm starting to get overwhelmed with school when my throat gets scratchy, my notes become illegible, and my hand is in a slight constant pain from taking notes. Enough about me, how are YOU doing? Hope this week is shaping up well for you.

Do you have questions for me? shoot them this way! I am in the mood to send some love your way

lots of lovee

(creds: STREETFSN, JapaneseStreets, tumblrz)

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