Tuesday, October 18, 2011

just loafing around.

Almost quite literally. I have a midterm in around 15 hours and not only am I taking a slightly longer "break" than I should but I am also feeling sleepy....this is not a good sign.

But do you know what IS a good sign? The sudden influx of loafer popularity! FINALLY!

KOO in New York spotted some fabulous contrast of men's&women's loafers side by side
Japan's movement toward loafers has been gradual for the past few months
I love both of these fancy footwears, but the detailing on these loafers make them seem like so much more!
I am not one for wearing high heels 24/7, it's just not practical for a student like me, so when loafers started making their way into women's mainstream you can only imagine how utterly egg-cited I was.

lots of lovee

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