Saturday, April 16, 2011

bounce with me, bounce with me..bounce with me, BOUNCE!

thank you, DJ OZMA for that phrase.

why should you bounce with me you may ask? Because it's healthy for your heart! Today i experienced trampoline jumping on a whole new level. Through AIRobics!

May i just say that it IS as fun as it seems, but its also suuuper hard workout! I started sweating within the first 5 minutes of the warm up, and even though we didn't get to finish our session I still feel like i worked out hard. (aka my legs are sore) And its so cheap! $7 per person just to jump up and down for an hour in a trampoline room?! yes please! Think of it like a big kids moon bounce.

If you haven't noticed I'm feeling pretty jazzed about it. check it out! Unfortunately the locations are far from me, but if you are in that general area i encourage you to check it out! Work on your legs, balance, core, and coordination all for $7. steal? i think so

lots of healthy love :)

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