Tuesday, April 12, 2011

to you, mr. pricklepants

rough transition. i forgot that i didnt post any pictures of my baking attempt this past weekend.

sooo back story:
my good friend is slightly obsessed with hedgehogs, so when toy story 3 came out and he found out that there was a hedgehog character..well..he was excited to say the least. anyways fast forward to this past weekend! it was his birthday on saturday so a bunch of us decided to surprise him with dinner on friday and make him cupcakes decorated like mr. pricklepants!

end result came out..okay haha good for the rush and mess that was made in the process and i like to think that we were pretty creative with the limited materials that we had. the cupcakes are supposed to be made like this.

ours came out like this...

obviously a lack of gum drops, talent, and proper tools not quite as pretty but still fun :)

happy birthday again paddington bear :)

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