Tuesday, April 12, 2011

true hodgepodge

life has been feeling very stressful and tiring these past days. With birthdays that i planned, preparing a luncheon fundraiser for my missions trip to thailand this summer, work becoming more hectic, classes starting to get serious, etc etc etc. i dont know where to begin or where the end will be...

a few things currently taking hold of my mind:
-am i truly committing to going to thailand for the right reasons? not for my glory but for the Lords?
-can i still study abroad? im still afraid to go away for so long to a country that has just been shaken up by a tragedy..
-gotta start/ finish those missions forms due sunday
-gotta start/ finish those baptism forms
-my weight
-the feelings i hold toward members of my family that feel like they are hindering my spirituality
-relationships with my friends that seem to be falling apart left&right
-i have a test tomorrow. always :(
-general money troubles that plague everyone's minds

sorry this is such a downer post, but this blog is an outlet soo there it is. my thoughts, feelings, etc. i'm going to be needing/doing a lot of prayer these next days&weeks.

lots of love from a stressed mind

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