Friday, April 22, 2011

to maxi or not maxi....

the maxi dress/ long skirt. not for everyone?

i love maxi dresses to death because they are so insanely comfortable but i feel so picky about criteria for them that i only own one and its black& boring :( long skirts are another issue. i love the look of when girls style them up casually with knits and such but i feel like that wouldn't work for me who is wide hipped and have thighs that aren't rail-sized. however i think im willing to start being more open to actually trying them on because one day i would like to pair something together like this

 or this..
 or this style..
 or my favorite, which is a floral maxi, jean jacket, &boots... all that i love

inspired! inspired! lots of love

(Song of Style, Margaret Zhang, and others)

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