Wednesday, May 30, 2012

{photo jigsaw} eat with me.

Doesn't this make you wonder about what the eye of a tornado looks like? This beautiful chandelier was one of the many design beauties that I came across in Las Vegas this past weekend. If you saw my Twitter over the weekend or saw my fbook, you'll know that my family took a road trip to celebrate my grandmother's birthday. yeah you read right, my GRANDMOTHER'S BDAY IN VEGAS. It was a fun weekend filled with cousin bonding time, lots of walking around, and even more eating. 
It began with Boiling Crab for lunch on Saturday. it was a messy, garlic-y, delicious venture leaving us all very thankful for our bibs. 

3 hours later the entire party of 20 sat down for a beautiful meal at Zeffirino in the Venetian. Although still ridiculously full from BC, we were able to enjoy their prefix course meal. 
co.clockwise: tomato&mozzarella, veal&fruit raviolli in pesto, eggplant parmigiana, and a variety of pastries with coffee
Of course there was cake after the show. A two layered cake of pistachio and raspberry complete with jam and mascarpone filling

Skipping over several mini meals in between our last meal together as a group was at Hachi, a modern Japanese restaurant, inside Red Rock Casino. 
food co.clockwise: poke salad, vegetable tempura, poppy roll

It was a wonderful weekend celebrating my grandma's birthday :) Now I am detoxing with delicious kale salad from the pomona farmers market and greek yogurt with blueberries.

Have a lovely rest of the week!

lots of lovee

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