Wednesday, May 2, 2012

eat with me. {bottega louie}

I appreciate skilled workers. Especially those with skills that I envy... like cooking perfectly poached eggs. If you are laughing at me right now you obviously don't know how hard it is to cook a perfect poached egg. It's an art. As is creating the fluffiest quiche.

This past weekend I had the chance to go to Bottega Louie for brunch with my aunt, and contrary to popular demand I did not eat a single macaron. Yes, I regret a little. However what I don't regret was the chance to watch them cook, and particularly the sous chef creating the eggs benedict and soft boiled eggs at the speed of light. (If by chance he is reading this, I am the girl that was staring at you for 15 minutes in awe. sorry for being creepy)
bottom to top: potato pancake,creme fraiche, red onion, spinach, smoked salmon, poached egg, & hollandaise sauce
spinach and goat cheese quiche with frisee salad & pear tomatoes =so fluffy! so nutty!
 proscuitto &barrata: potato pancake, barrata, prosciutto, basil, &drizzled with olive oil
We shared all three of the dishes and left full with tons of leftovers. Pretty pricey and the restaurant is very loud, so if you're looking for a quiet place this isn't it. Quality is good to try once if you're in the downtown area or looking to be hipster. 

green tea mojito was super refreshing and yums!

lots of lovee

Yahweh Nissi. Yahweh Jireh. John 16:33

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