Thursday, May 24, 2012

{recipe} butter me up. jam with me.

I know what I will do with my life notreally : if nursing fails for me I will go into canning & jamming. When did I become such a little house on the praire housewife? The moment when our loquat tree overflowed with ripe fruit and needed to be eaten or used. The moment when I came across this recipe for loquat jam.

In my opinion i think jam is smooth and jelly-like in consistency, whereas a fruit butter is a bit thicker. This is a butter. It is delicious. Strangely it tastes like pumpkin butter. whoknows.

Prep work: De-seed loquats and remove any of the tougher membrane in the center of the fruit. Skin should be left on, or at least some of it! The pectin in the skin will give the jam the buttery texture.

- 4 c. pureed loquats
- 1 c. sugar
- 1 c. water
*pinch of cinnamon optional*

1. puree the de-seeded loquats until almost smooth. Chunky loquats are fine as long as the majority is smooth in consistency
2. Combine puree and water in a heavy set pot and set on med heat
3. Once it comes to a bubble NOT BOIL, add the sugar.
**keep a close eye on the jam so it doesn't burn**
4. Turn the heat to low and let simmer/bubble until desired consistency.
5. If storing in a jar:
-- pour jam into the jar making sure to leave at least half an inch space at the top.
-- bring 2 c. of water to a boil in a wide pot
-- seal the jars and place them sitting in the boiling water for at least 10 min. This is to rid the chance of botulism and contamination
6. Keep refrigerated & enjoy atop toast :)

Happy jamming!

lot of lovee

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