Wednesday, May 16, 2012

{photodiary} mother's day special

Mother's day weekend celebrations started off saturday morning with a trip to CalPolyPomona's annual strawberry festival! Mi madre had come home on thursday raving about the sweetest strawberries fromt he farm store, so we thought strawberry picking would be something fun for her. Too bad by the time we got out there all of the berries had thus been plucked :( So we walked around the farm, bought two bunches of kale for $1.25 and headed to lunch at Cassie's Soul Food Kitchen.

Fried chicken. Shrimp Po'boy. Oxtails. Mac&Cheese. Hot Links. Collard greens. Sweet Potatoes. Cornbread Dressing. Chicken&Spaghetti. Strawberry&Banana Cream Pudding. Peach Cobbler.
tell me you're not hungry now.
We pretty much ordered the entire menu. It's a small place but the portions and quality is fabulous! We walked around the antique row a bit to put off food coma. I'm still recovering from eating so much. Time to go make salad with my fresh kale and think about studying :)

lots of lovee

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