Tuesday, August 2, 2011



Well here I am. After 2 amazing weeks in Thailand out on the missions field I am back in LA and trying to figure out what to do next. I have seen God work in extraordinary&faithful ways while we were there. It took a week (...or maybe more) for me to realize why God had called me there to that place this summer, and it was to reach out to these kids. There is truth when it is said that only you know someone in that way, and therefore only you are able to share the Lord's love with them. I feel truly blessed and sure that God was working through each and every one of us.

For further questions, feel free to ask or else this post could go on and on and never end :)

lots of lovee
(creds: EriSakamotoKnightCat)

p.s. (kindof old but) BambixFreePeople ?! She's got such an intense look..i think its those amazing brows

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