Monday, August 15, 2011

attack the senses

Never thought you'd read another one of these again, huh? but ALAS! dear readers I have not forgotten about my weekly installment. In fact I have missed engaging your senses with pictures that can make you fat&creative just by looking at them.

This is my apology picture to you. Please forgive me by treating yourself to a look at the magical union between waffles and ice cream. Speaking of ice cream, let the attack continue!
Was that satisfying? I didn't think so. forgiveness. I will try much harder next week! For now you will have to content yourself with ice cream waffle dreams. Enjoy the rest of summer!

lots of lovee

p.s. a preview of posts to come..

A modest mouse post. anticipate!

(creds: tumblrz, LittleTinSoldier)

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