Wednesday, August 17, 2011

a Modest Proposal

NO, we are not going to be eating babies or making them into gloves. Terrible. 
(p.s. if you didn't get that reference please refer to Jonathan Swift for his brilliantly modest proposal)

After having to wear clothes that was deemed modest for teaching and going to another country, i found that it wasn't that horrible. Despite the humidity&the constant sweating because I was only able to wear shirts with sleeves, putting together outfits was not the worst but the selection was not large. 

Anyways! Since that revelation I kept my eye out for more modest put-togethers and stumbled upon the classy Linda of LittleTinSoldier tumblr.

Okay. i'm a little obsessed but I adore the fact that she recycles a lot of her pieces but in new&fresh ways. Aces.

Summer doesn't have to always mean shortshorts & crop tops. I'm a regular girl. Sometimes a modest look is the best. Agree?

 lots of lovee

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