Monday, August 29, 2011

peel banana.peel peel banana-nana

It's a dance move. if you really do not know i will show you...maybe.

QUESTION: what happens when you mix over ripe bananas, sour cream, & creative juices together?


Don't believe how enticingly delicious this can be? put off by the sour cream? let me explain.
 We begin with the dry ingredients& sift them together. At the same time we let our butter soften to room temperature. Why do we sift? To let all of the flavors (i.e. cinnamon&salt) mix evenly throughout...also so there aren't clumps of baking soda in our bread
Then comes the wet. Pictured clockwise: mashed bananas, beaten eggs, sour cream, & creamed butter with brown sugar.

**baker's note: sour cream helps keep the bread suuuper moist & for the most part will not change the flavor too much**
 Once both are equally incorporated separately, sift the dry mix into the wet to create the bread batter.
*I do it in parts to avoid potential excessive mess*
best part: ADD CHOCOLATE CHIPS ^.^ (note- the batter should be like a slightly thicker cake batter, not one to roll out or knead)
 Pour batter into your pan of choice & sprinkle extra brown sugar on top for good measure :) Then into the oven it gooooes !

After the given time your dense banana creation comes out of the oven ready for consumption !

I prefer it the next day after letting it set&cool in the fridge, but hot with vanilla ice cream is still a stellar choice. Try it! Let me know how it goes :) Happy baking in the sweltering heat!

More details about the recipe at the awesome Closet Cooking blog!

lots of lovee

sidenote: classes begin again tomorrow.. summer is goneeee :(

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