Saturday, August 20, 2011

FEAST your eyes on this hodgepodge

grilled yummness
Would you like to even try and venture what you see there? DELICIOUSNESS. correct. As promised I brought you a photo diary of my journeys in thailand, but now I bring you a food diary of the trip to make you jealous....and hungry :)

Let's begin
Padseew with gravy at the GoldenTriangle
Pancake donut sausage pop with condensed milk.
Street vendor fare: sticky rice,bamboo,fishcakes,&friedshrimp

The best meals were served everyday at school in the canteen for lunch. Good food.Great price.Awesome fellowship
Somtam. "papaya salad"
Just a taste of some of the highlights from the trip. Hopefully your mouth is watering&stomach is growling for some yummness!

lots of lovee

p.s. going to a friend's wedding today! :) I love weddings so with any luck there will be lots of pictures on the way

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