Thursday, February 2, 2012

attack the senses {cheap inspiration}

i love free things. i am chinese. yes, i just stereotyped myself.

to the point, i love when fun and creative art projects cross my path that are just inspiring and cheap enough when i know i have to do them. (bytheway. i am not crafty at's quite sad)

for the past few months i have been "collecting" paint chip swatches because 1. i love the colors & 2. my aspirations of a huger, harder art project have been stewing without action, so when i stumbled across brokeandhealthy's blog post on 50 fun things to do with paint chips i was blown away! check out some of her ideas:

 greeting cards
 embellished shapes
 decoration for your bike tires

Aren't they ridiculously clever & look easy enough to do? I guess you can all guess what I'll be doing with my weekend :) i'll be sure to post later how they turn out & let me know if you try any of these or have craft ideas!

lots of lovee

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